I am happy to publish on my blog Enrica Alessi’s interview. Enrica founded Crem’s Blog in 2011. We known each other since always, from those far-off days at school (oh dear, how long ago ?!?). She is proof that the way to say Where there’s a will, there’s a way is true.

Enrica collaborate with, and she is beauty reporter for, besides her Crem’s Blog.  Here are the 10 questions to know more about Enrica Alessi and her Crem’s Blog.

How did your passion for fashion begin?

E. Some things are just born with you, they are part of the genetic code. Maybe I took after my father’s mum, otherwise known as #theGlitteryGranny since she is always kind of sparkling. When we see each other, which, unfortunately, happens very rarely, it is always so funny: we give each other compliments.

When did you decide to open your blog? And why Crem’s blog?

E. It all began with a challenge, I wanted to understand the fashion system dynamics, why some products worked, how designers succeeded, how to buy and how to sell.

I combined my passion for writing with my curiosity and there came Crem’s Blog, whose name stems from the blending of my two little brats’ names: CaRola and EMma.

The fashion week in Milan has just ended: can you give me some hot news in advance?

E. This time I followed it in recorded broadcasting, I am busy on a big project which is taking up all my time. Don’t have much to tell you in advance, one suggestion though: wear what you find most thrilling and the world will be as thrilled.

Do you know Enrica Alessi alias Crem's Blog?

Don’t have much to tell you in advance, one suggestion though: wear what you find most thrilling and the world will be as thrilled.

You are a mother, you are a blogger, you are a sportive woman and you are always at the forefront at social events. And the question comes sort of natural to me: how can you manage?

E. Well, you deserve a little explanation first. The blogger is just a mere cover ;-). I run a blog, but as regards fashion…there’s only what I wear – damned DNA.

I have become a very sportive woman because my body and mind need a huge amount of serotonin (especially because I am a mother). The choice would have been between “doping ” myself with Prozac or else do a lot of physical exercise: I went for the second option.

As for social events, well, more than being in the forefront, I usually sit at the back, close to the toilets… all in all I am not a grand viveur, I am more a stay-at-home type: I love wearing my night gown and write – a stylish one though: I am the female version of Johnny Depp in Secret Window.

How do I manage? A good deal of planning and a few somersaults, olè!

Any suggestion to give me about style?

E. Nope! Each individual has its own style and you should stick to it.

Do you know Crem's Blog?

Where do you gather inspiration for your look?

E. From my sick brain? No doubt. Whatever I wear much depends on my mood and on the weather conditions, anything else is chance.

I understand you are writing a book. What is it about?

E. I am writing a novel dedicated to mothers, women, and to the female world.

What would you suggest to those who wished to become fashion bloggers?

E. Believe and never give up. The celebrity island has thought us more than we can imagine.

In your free time, if you have any, what do you usually do?

E. I write. I couldn’t live without.

What’s your wet dream?

E. Have my book published. Then I would blow dry it… It’s been wet too long.

Thank you to Enrica Alessi for your time and for your great style advice.

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Traslated by Alice Perego.


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